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Whether its your first time visiting Brighton or you've been here 100 times. Whether you're getting married, on a stag or hen weekend or just looking for a weekend break to the UK's favourite seaside town. Brighton Hotels Online has got everything you need to book your Brighton hotels and find the best things to do when you get here. We list over 130 Brighton hotels, Brighton bed and breakfasts, boutique hotels, apartments and guest houses so whether you're just looking for a cheap hotel to crash at in Brighton or something a bit more special you'll be sure to find it here.

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cheap Brighton hotels

Hotels in Brighton don't have to cost a fortune. In fact we've got cheap Brighton hotel beds from just £10/ night - perfect for a cheap weekend!

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Looking for something a bit different? We have a great selection of boutique hotels in Brighton to add some zing to your visit to Brighton.

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For visitors who demand the best. Or just for a special occassion, browse our choice of the best luxury hotels in Brighton & Hove.

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Best Brighton Restaurants

Brighton restaurants

We live, breath and most important EAT Brighton here at Brighton Hotels Online. See our selection of the best restaurants in Brighton & Hove

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Brighton Attractions

Brighton attractions

Although you might not want to leave some of our Brighton hotels the city is bursting with attractions and things to do during your stay.

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Brighton Hotel Deals

Brighton hotel deals

We bring you the best bargains on Brighton hotels in our Brighton hotel deals section. Sign up to our deal alerts to be the first to know.

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A Day Out in Eastbourne

June 27, 2013

Eastbourne is a seaside town located in East Sussex, on the south coast of England. The town is a popular getaway destination because of its natural beauty and mild climate. The South Downs lie behind the town, and the gently rolling hills make their way down to a shingle beach that borders the blue waves [...]

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The Top 10 Photo Hotspots in Brighton & Hove

June 5, 2013

When it comes to picturesque spots, the south coast of England certainly has more than its fair share. Brighton & Hove is a part of the world particularly blessed with photogenic landmarks, whether you’re looking for something wild and romantic or kitsch and fun. Here are some of the area’s top 10 sights at which [...]

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GoMammoth To Launch New Netball Leagues in Brighton

April 26, 2013

London based social sports club GoMammoth have announced they will be launching new netball leagues in Brighton, Bristol, Birmingham and Cardiff. I’ve got several friends who play in GoMammoth’s London sports leagues which include Netball, 5 a side football and rather bizarrely Dodgeball! They speak really highly of the clubs organisation and really enjoy playing [...]

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Sports & Activity Clubs in Brighton & Hove

October 8, 2012

Brighton might be well known as the party capital of the UK, but apart from walking down the pier and enjoying the seaside, what is there to do? Well, more than you might think. There are lots of sports and activity clubs in the area which offer exhilarating and invigorating activities for individuals at all [...]

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Family Days Out in the Sussex Countryside

July 18, 2012

Sussex is a wonderful county for entertaining kids (both big and little) during weekends, half terms and the school holidays. There are a huge range of activities on offer – from farm visits to steam train rides – as well as historical sites to explore and seasides to splash around on. Most attractions in the [...]

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Festival Season is Here!

July 13, 2012

The weather might not reflect it, but festival season is here! We’re lucky in Brighton and Hove to enjoy a diverse range of festivals and events in the area. Here are a few upcoming music festivals around Brighton and Hove. Don’t forget your wellies! Redfest – July 20th – 22nd Redfest began life in 2007 [...]

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