Abbey Hotel Brighton & Hove

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14 -19 Norfolk Terrace, Brighton & Hove, England

Abbey Hotel Brighton & Hove
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Our Abbey Hotel Brighton & Hove Review:

In the legion of predictable three-star hotels is the Abbey Hotel Brighton & Hove. Location is the main advantage of this hotel, being just a few minutes on foot from the beach and the centre of Brighton with all its nightlife.

The rooms are equipped with a standard array of amenities including a TV, tea and coffee service and a private bathroom. There is little in the way of style or comfortable furnishings, with the Abbey Hotel Brighton & Hove not especially known for its cleanliness and attention to detail in regards to things like the complimentary continental breakfast and other pleasantries.

On the plus side, the staff are generally applauded for their friendliness and tolerance of guests’ behavior. The on-site car park is a useful bonus for drivers. But this hotel seems best suited to stag and hen parties where no one will remember the hotel room anyway.




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