Bow Street Runner

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62 Brunswick Street West, Brighton & Hove, England

Bow Street Runner
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Our Bow Street Runner Review:

The Bow Street Runner markets itself as one of Brighton’s most intimate and unique accommodations. With just three en-suite rooms connected to a historic pub along a side street in Hove, the property practically guarantees that you will become close friends with the owners by the end of your stay.

Each of the recently refurbished rooms features free Wi-Fi internet, stylish comfortable furnishings, TV, hot water maker and a cosy atmosphere. A light, pre-packaged breakfast is served to each guest room each morning. Downstairs is the Bow Street Runner pub, a truly classic pub with no loud Sky TV, blaring music or food service.

Its location in the heart of Hove ensures easy access to many restaurants and attractions like the Brighton & Hove Pier, just 100 yards away. The centre of Brighton is a pleasant 15-minute walk away and Hove Railway Station is 20 minutes away on foot.

Due to the unique nature of this property, accessing the rooms can be tricky for the elderly or those with special needs. Some guests might find the rates a bit steep considering the lack of a freshly-prepared breakfast, but for an overnight stay there’s little to complain about. 


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