Hotel Una Brighton

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55-56 Regency Square, Brighton & Hove, England

Hotel Una Brighton
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Our Hotel Una Brighton Review:

Hotel Una is situated at the heart of Brighton in the famous Regency Square, a short distance from the city’s main attractions and business centres. Hotel Una oozes luxury, with its rich boutique style matched by outstanding service. Attention to detail is great, with every aspect of the hotel offering a combination of unique textures, fabrics and modern artwork.

Rooms at the Hotel Una in Brighton have that Ôwow’ factor- each are unique, clean-cut and spacious. Many have exclusive features, such as a free-standing bath, jacuzzi, super king-size bed, plasma TV, DVD player and leather sofa. Room service is 24 hours and opting for a Luxury Room means you can enjoy breakfast in bed!

Hotel Una can cater for any special occasion and will help with any special extras on request, such as champagne and strawberries, rose petals or cake and balloons. Hotel Una also has a specialist physiotherapist offering massages.

Hotel Una also has excellent conference facilities with well appointed rooms facing Regency Square. The Hotel Una’s green policy of reduce, re-use and recycle should not go unnoticed either.

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