Langford Hotel Brighton and Hove

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8 - 16 Third Avenue Hove, Brighton & Hove, England

Langford Hotel Brighton and Hove
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Our Langford Hotel Brighton and Hove Review:

Langford Hotel in Brighton and Hove is situated on a tree-lined avenue, just off the seafront, in a charming Victorian building. Brighton town centre, with its many attractions like The Lanes, Royal Pavilion and Brighton Pier, are only 1.5 miles away.

Langford Hotel in Brighton and Hove are known for its friendly and professional customer service. It’s easy to relax at the hotel’s spacious lounge bar or beautiful gardens.

All 58 rooms at Langford Hotel are comfortable and spacious. All are equipped with a LCD flat panel TV with freeview, refreshment facilities and Wi-Fi internet access. Some rooms have four-poster beds and balconies with oblique sea views.

Langford Hotel in Brighton and Hove is an established conference venue. On-street parking is available at an additional cost. Discounted parking permits are available from reception.

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Xander David-Hugh February 16, 2012 at 10:04 pm

I am relocating to Brighton and needed somewhere inexpensive to stay the night before my final move date.
I read some reviews about Langford’s which seemed mixed, but for £36.80 for the night in a single en suite I thought “what’s the worst that can happen?”.

The hotel offers parking permits for a fee, but I found it cheaper to pay the £4.80 fee for 11 hours parking (the street parking does not offer 12 hours oddly enough) which was fine for me as I arrived at about 9.45pm, and knew I was going to be out of the hotel by 8.45am. There were ample street parking spaces. Something to think about though when considering your check in time and departure time.

The entrance to the hotel is well presented with extremely polite staff. I was given my room key (404), the pass for the Wifi (more about that later) and asked if there was anything I needed. I requested a wakeup call for 7.30am and went up to my room. I also requested the use of a hair dryer which was given from behind the reception desk.

The room itself surprisingly well maintained. After reading the reviews I was worried I would be a disappointed. On the contrary, the room was very tidy and clean, bedding was fresh, a lovely little en suite bathroom with an actual bath and shower! The hot water was continuous without fluctuation in temperature. Complementary items included soaps, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, a couple of shower caps, ample toilet roll. There was also a bath towel, smaller hand towel, and floor mat towel.

The single bed in my room was very comfortable. At home I sleep on a memoryfoam mattress so was worried I would be very uncomfortable, but only now as I write this review have I realised it was a normal mattress I slept on!

The room came equipped with a small kettle, a tea pot, a cup and saucer, a glass, tea and coffee (including decaf!), white and brown sugar, an intro to the hotel, and to my surprise a commercial guide to Brighton book retailing at £15.
The 14″ flat screen TV had ample TV channels (cable i believe) and was more than watchable from the bed or the chair in the corner of the room. Soundproofing was very good, it was almost completely silent when it came to to to bed at midnight. I opted to leave my sash window open slightly to let the air flow, with no noise from outside.

Beside the bed was a bedside table with a lamp and telephone. I asked for a wakeup call for 7.30am and one was given!

A couple of “negative” points (hardly worth mentioning really, but might be of use to someone). First is that the free WiFi is slow, very slow. Ideal for general web searching, facebook checking, or looking for local information, but if you are expecting to be able to stream yesterday’s episode of Eastenders you can forget it! Often pages would time out or just not load at all. Still, mustn’t grumble as it is at no additional cost and for the price of the room, and even travel lodge’s etc charge for such services. Unfortunately my backup internet connection via my iPhone was even worse. Signal on O2 was 1-3 bars at best.

I really am not a breakfast person, its hard enough for me to get up in the morning, forget about shovelling a full English down my neck, so I didn’t take that option.

I would advise to keep some cash handy for a pint at the bar if you want one, as the costs of running a card transaction for a pint before bed is pricey, although there are some shops at the end of the road if you want to bring some back yourself.

All in all my experience at Langford’s was way above what I had expected. The staff are not only welcoming, but personable. The experience is much better than you would find at the larger commercial chains as you are made to feel more like a welcomed guest in the building rather than just another customer.

I pondered giving a 4 out of 5 based on my couple of perceived “negative” points, but have decided that would be a little unfair. The floors in the hall way are a little creaky, but in-room there is no problem at all.

So, five out of five it is. I cant see where past negative reviews have come from, perhaps I was just lucky with a lovely room. It’s not a recently refurbished travel lodge by any means, it’s a lovely welcoming hotel ideal for either a short overnight stop over, or even a more extended stay.



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