Millards Hotel Brighton & Hove

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23 Broad Street, Brighton & Hove, England

Millards Hotel Brighton & Hove
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Our Millards Hotel Brighton & Hove Review:

Well located and comfortable, the Millards Hotel Brighton & Hove offers three-star beachfront bed and breakfast accommodation near many of Brighton’s main tourist attractions.

This intimate little residence has eight rooms and offers a welcoming environment. But its pleasant ambience is let down by the poor hospitality of the staff. All rooms have private bathrooms and are equipped with facilities such as minibars, televisions and high-speed internet access. Guests can enjoy breakfast each morning prior to setting off for the day’s activities.

The hotel is well-suited to budget-conscience travellers looking to stay near the thick of the action, but the inflexibility of the owner puts some guests off. The building itself has three floors, although there is no elevator so visitors with disabilities should check if any ground floor rooms are available before booking.

The Millards Hotel Brighton & Hove is perfectly located within walking distance of all the town’s main areas. The pier, the Royal Pavilion and the Theatre Royal are all within 10 minutes’ walk, while many of the town’s top restaurants, bars and nightclubs are in the vicinity.


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