Square Hotel Brighton

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4 New Steine, Brighton & Hove, England

Square Hotel Brighton
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Our Square Hotel Brighton Review:

Square Hotel in Brighton is based in an immaculate and exclusive townhouse in the cosmopolitan Kemp Town, just off the seafront and only a short stroll away from Brighton’s many inviting cafes, restaurants and bars.

The 10 rooms at Square Hotel in Brighton have been decorated to an incredibly high standard, with designer fittings and remarkable en suite bathrooms. All rooms have a flat-screen TV, DVD player and many have ocean views.

The Square’s own exquisite bar is very sophisticated, offering a range of beverages from cocktails to coffee. The bar is often used for exclusive events, such as book launches and designer photo shoots. Square Hotel in Brighton is certainly Ômore than just 4 corners’ and an opportunity to stay shouldn’t be missed.

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