Topps Hotel Brighton & Hove

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16 -18 Regency Square, Brighton & Hove, England

Topps Hotel Brighton & Hove
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Our Topps Hotel Brighton & Hove Review:

Located just off King’s Road, just 200 metres from the beach, the Topps Hotel Brighton & Hove is set in three fabulously restored buildings in the Regency Square area of town.

Ideally situated within 10 minutes’ walk of The Lanes shopping area, the Theatre Royal, the Royal Pavilion and the Palace Pier, the Topps Hotel Brighton & Hove is a popular option among leisure guests looking for comfortable accommodation in a convenient location. In addition, its proximity to the Brighton Conference Centre (also 10 minutes away on foot) means it is frequently used by business travellers.

The guest rooms have been recently renovated and are well sized. Each room features real wood flooring, an en-suite bathroom, a comfortable bed, air conditioning and a flat-screen TV, but the lodgings lack any real character or charm.

There is no in-house restaurant, but Preston Street is less than 100 metres away and features many of Brighton’s best known restaurants and most happening bars. The Topps Hotel Brighton & Hove caters to all kinds of travellers, but some guests may find its mid-range rates not worthy of its average value for money.

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